Friday, March 20, 2009

Unsupervised parrots

I think Rocky's name should be changed to Peter Rabbit. How else could he have stolen this apple right out from under Thomas's nose?

Yesterday, I was cooking and Thomas was standing at the island, reading a magazine. Stella was wandering around, so I told him if he wasn't going to help with dinner, at least he could be a human perch. He agreed.

Then, Rocky came over and started threatening my feet. Although I can protect myself (I just raise my foot in a "stop" position and he stays away,) it can be hard to maintain that while moving around making dinner. I picked Rocky up (on a stick) and told him to read the magazine with his buddy.

Thomas, more engrossed in his magazine than his parrots, let out an exasperated, "Oh, Rocky!" when he saw this:
The apple in front had a huge bite out of it; good thing he didn't go for the onion! Prior to his discovery, he was eating as fast as he could, as though he was worried he'd get caught and have to stop! After Thomas's exclamation, when I came over to take a picture, he attempted to leave the scene of the crime.

But, once the skin had been pierced, it was too late, so I had a pre-dinner snack after allowing the parrots to eat as much as they liked:
That picture is a little dark, but if you look closely, you can see his eyes pinning in happiness.

I reminded Thomas that Stella loves apples, and particularly loves eating them when someone will hold the food for her, and he obliged:He kept alternating between the two of them:Don't worry; Max and Daphne don't like apples, and the caiques got a piece when I was cutting it up for me. Nobody was excluded!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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