Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Three Amigos

Lately we've fallen into a routine where Thomas showers with Rocky and Beeps and I shower with the other three larger birds (Daphne has trouble breathing in the humid environment so she stays in the living room). Here's my crew this morning. It was not a peaceful shower. Calypso loves to push the shampoo bottles around, so he had Stella squished in the middle of two bottles before I realized what was going on and made the spots equal again.

Stella also likes to knock the bottles off, onto my head, if possible. I caught the bottle a few times and replaced it, providing her with a fun game. If she knocks the bottle to the other side so I can't reach it, then she runs over and starts irritating either Max or Calypso, whoever is open.

Surprisingly, Max was perfectly behaved.

These are the three that are also the most obsessed with kissing. The greys are always saying "Gimme a kiss" or "Gimme kisses!" and all three respond to those requests with kisses by making the kiss sound.

Yesterday as Thomas and I were leaving for work and the birds were in their cages, Stella said "Gimme a kiss!" and then proceeded to make the kiss sound repeatedly. I didn't start counting until after it had gone on for a while, and I counted 27 kiss sounds! Thomas commented that it kind of loses its effectiveness after a time.

Despite the title of this post, I wouldn't say that any of these guys are friends. They've learned how to coexist, although Stella tries to harass Calypso and the greys harass each other; hence the shampoo barriers.

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Elizabeth said...

How funny, I also use a shampoo bottle to separate my cockatiels when I'm showering so that the larger one doesn't bother the smaller, older one.