Monday, March 16, 2009

Lizard pictures

The lizards are doing pretty well. Actually, Andreas is doing quite well! It's been almost two years since we've had him and I'm finally feel confident that he's relatively happy. As you can see, he still has some old skin to shed from when the pet store had him on colored playsand, but I'd expect that to come off this year.

Uromastyx are not social animals, but he seems to enjoy watching us and will come over to my hand when I put it in the tank for maintenance.
I'm a bit more worried about Elsa, but I think she'll be fine, too. She's going through brumation (still!) which always worries me a bit. I'm looking forward to the summer when she comes out of her hide every day again. I pulled her out to get a weight and took her picture:
She also still has some old skin to shed and her coloring isn't as bright as Andreas's. But, they both got clean bills of health from the vet last year -- they'll go in again once it's a bit warmer.

As I've said before, they are far less work than the parrots (especially once their tanks are set up properly) but cause me much more worry since it's harder to tell if I'm meeting their needs!

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