Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bath time!

Yesterday, to reward Max for a great training session, I sprayed her down (she loves baths!) Then I put her in her cage and took Stella out for her training session. If Max is out while Stella is being trained, she starts buzzing us because Max loves training and apparently wants it all for herself!

When we returned to the living room, I saw Max attempting to bathe herself in her water dish. She rarely does this as she prefers being sprayed with the bottle. I took this as an invitation to spray her. I went through an entire water bottle and then decided to take a few videos.

At the end of the first video, I pan to Calypso who had been begging for a shower. I told him to go to his cage door if he wanted some. Max, Calypso, and I have worked out an understanding -- when they wants to be sprayed, they go on their door, and when they need a break, they leave the door. When Calypso leaves, he's done for the day; when Max leaves, she just needs a short break.

I went through two bottles of water with Max. I seriously wonder whether she'd ever voluntarily stop (she came back for more after I stopped taping).

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