Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Foraging fun

Last weekend, while cleaning out a drawer, we came across an old film container. Sensing an opportunity to keep Max busy for a few minutes, she watched my put a walnut piece in and close it up. She immediately got to work trying to remove the cover:The container was a bit too deep for her to extract the nut:
This kept her attention for so long that she had to take a short break to preen herself, making sure to hold tight to the container:
After a few minutes of this, she accidentally dropped the nut on the ground and subsequently threw the container on the ground. I picked the nut off of the floor and gave it to her to eat.


Meg said...

I love the pic of Max preening while holding the canister! Claudia also loves her film canisters as foraging toys, and Frank love them when they are hung up like large bells.

Mary said...

She just didn't want to let it go while she could still get the nut :)

Alas, since I've made the move to digital, this was probably her last hurrah with film canisters.