Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Retrieve videos

Yesterday, Max and I were working on retrieve when Thomas came into the kitchen to pour himself a soda. He decided to stay a few minutes and watch Max retrieve since he hadn't seen her do this yet. She surprised us all by where she decided to put the bead. I didn't get it on video the first time, but she obliged us by doing it again:

This one makes me laugh as well because she can't decide where she wants to put it, before finally placing it where I wanted her to:

This last video has horrible lighting (it didn't look so bad when I watched it on the back of my camera) but it was so exciting when she did this!

A little play by play, since it's kind of hard to see. She's on the chair when I give her the bead, and she flies to her stand and places it in the cup. She's not yet motivated enough to perform this difficult of a task for safflower seeds only -- once again, she got a little piece of cookie for doing this.

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DoodleBird said...

That's great!!! She's so talented, and adorable of course!