Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday breakfast

Sunday morning, Beeps was in major attack mode. Thomas and I were eating breakfast at the table and reading the paper. Beeps flew at me six times in a row. He doesn't seem to be hormonal anymore but he seems to have emerged from his hormonal period with a new list of things that set him off. One of those things is me sitting at the kitchen table. I don't understand this as Beeps rarely spends time on the kitchen table (unlike the greys and Rocky) so it's not like he's defending his territory!

When he flies at me, I just lift something (like a piece of newspaper) up and he normally does a U-turn and flies back to his stand. One time he briefly perched on the piece of paper and used that to catapult himself into my hair. We extricated him before he could bite me, though.

Finally, Thomas had enough and told Beeps he had to hang out on his lap. Rocky had been chipping wood on the floor at Thomas's feet, but when he saw that Beeps was in his lap, Rocky climbed up his pants to join the party.The greys had been taking turns drinking the leftover soy milk from Thomas's bowl. In this picture, that's Stella helping herself.


Beloved Parrot said...

personal, you may/may not want to post -- I understand completely the idea of being a perfectionist and playing piano. That's probably 99% of my problem.

My mother asked me the other day when I'd be "done" with lessons. I laughed and said you never get done learning piano.

Mary said...

I have perfected one piece (an easy Mozart sonata) and sometimes think I should just leave it there so I don't have to deal with disappointment/failure.

If I can ever stop working, I'll definitely start up again. I'm just not sure if I can fit it in with all of the other things I'm trying to currently do in my spare time.

Beloved Parrot said...

So do you just walk around with a camera? You get the best pictures!

Mary said...

BP, thanks for the compliment! Our house is quite small, so our living is basically confined to the kitchen and living room. I always keep the camera on the kitchen counter, ready to capture the parrots!