Friday, April 17, 2009

Random weekly wrap-up

Instead of a coherent post, today will be another series of little stories and leftover pictures from this week.

Thomas was trying to contain the mess Rocky makes when he eats almonds. He wasn't very successful!***********************
I've threatened Max before about turning her into soup; she apparently know we're kidding or she wouldn't tempt us by running around on our plates (which of course had to be washed again before we could use them -- who knows where her feet have been?)
Beeps has been hanging out under the grates of the stands and his cage lately. He loves throwing all of the papers on the floor, which just means more mess and work for us.************************
For two days earlier this week, Max had a major obsession with Thomas's glasses. She kept trying to rip them from his face! I don't know what prompted that, but she's since gone a few days without appearing to notice them.

Thomas was returning around 8 am after work, and Max flew to him, grabbing his glasses as she landed on his hand.
Yesterday I started training Beeps for retrieve. He seems to get it quicker than Max did. We're still at the point where he drops the bead in the cup as I hold it directly under his beak. Perhaps next week we'll add some difficulty by making him stretch to place the bead in the cup.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! As always, I can't believe how quickly the week passed.


Elizabeth said...

I'm always amazed when I'm reminded that severe macaws are little (as evidenced by Thomas's hands). My mom has a blue and gold and your Rocky has just as much presence, if not more.

Pamela said...

Oh, I think we know exactly where Max's feet have been!

Mary said...

Elizabeth -- he is tiny! I also tend to think of him as bigger than he is and when I see him after spending a day with the B&Gs and greenwings at the rescue, he does seem so little.

Thomas palms him a lot (carries him around just in his palm) which would not be possible with a B&G.

Pamela -- I really don't want to think about that :) Although it's Rocky that appears to have magnets in his feet that force him to walk in any bird poop we haven't yet cleaned off of the floor, no matter how far out of his way it is!