Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visit to the marsh

Last week Friday, it was so beautiful out! Thomas had a half-day at work, so I decided to leave a bit early as well so we could hike around a local marsh. A few years ago we rented canoes and saw more herons that I could count. We're hoping to make it back on the water this summer!

A crane:Some unknown ducks with white heads:
There were so many little birds in this tree!
Some geese:
These ducks in a row made us smile:
Thomas was a bug taxi:
I love it when the birds use the houses that are provided for them:
I just couldn't get over the transition of blue in the sky; how beautiful!
If you look closely, you can see new growth popping up after this area had been burned:
The entire hike, we kept catching glimpses of muskrats and even watched for a few minutes as a couple worked on building their nest. However, by the time I snapped the camera, this is usually what I got:
With only a few hundred yards left, success!
Here is a video of a muskrat getting some materials for building her nest/den/whatever muskrats build.

Spring is definitely near! I would have said it's here, but I had to run through quite a bit of snow falling this morning (it melted upon hitting the ground, but still -- it's almost May!)


Elizabeth said...

What a great marsh! I love Spring.

Mary said...

I agree, although we've had more bad weather and tomorrow will in no way compare to last Friday :(