Friday, April 24, 2009

Patio wildlife

Earlier this week, this robin was sitting on our patio table, hopping around.
Yesterday, Thomas pointed out this rabbit that was near our patio door. I happened to catch him mid-hop:
Then he climbed on the little wood step we have:
I know my patio wildlife sightings are nowhere near as interesting as Shannon's, but they're fun for me!

I think we're going to try to plant some plants that rabbits like to eat for these visitors. I just have to figure out what those are!

Wow -- yet another Friday! I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend! Thomas is working a lot again, sadly. I have a 10K race on Saturday and a 20K race on Sunday. I would have liked to run them with him, but that will not happen due to work.


Mary said...

Petunias, pansies. Those two I know for sure get eaten out of my garden by bunnies!

Mary said...


Thanks! We will try to add some of those when we do some gardening next month. I know most people consider them pests but I think they're just adorable :)