Monday, April 6, 2009

Rocky weirdness

Saturday morning, Thomas and I ran a half marathon, which meant that the parrots' routine was altered. We couldn't spend as much time with them as we usually would before having to leave. I'm not sure if this had anything to do with events later in the day, but it was the only unusual thing that happened.

We got back from the race early afternoon and let the parrots out of their cages. Rocky was acting terrified of Thomas. Rocky was running away from him (usually he runs to be near him), wouldn't take food from Thomas, and was generally acting very strange. After a few minutes, Rocky ran under the kitchen table.

Thomas knelt down and started talking softly to him. Rocky approached him, as you can see here, stepped up on his arm, and then was back to normal.You can see nosy Stella and Beeps having to check out what's going on. Max was also watching this scene, but didn't make it into the photo.

After this, Rocky was normal the rest of the weekend.


Meg said...

How unusual. One of the parrots here will occasionally do something like that (usually Frank) and it is very rarely I ma able to figure out what caused it. I know if Claudia is startled by someone, it takes her a long time to come back around to accepting them, even though she is usually very friendly to anyone.

Mary said...

It is very strange. Rocky's really the only one who does this. He absolutely loves Thomas, but occasionally he'll act very distant. We joke about them [Rocky and Thomas] fighting (total anthropomorphism, of course), but if we could figure out why, Thomas would stop doing whatever it is that makes Rocky do this!

Just another joy of living with a wild animal...

Beloved Parrot said...

Poor baby -- glad things are better.