Friday, April 3, 2009

Give someone an Easter Bunny

Not a real one, of course! Several of my friends, both in real life and online, are involved in rabbit rescue. I absolutely love rabbits and hope to have one someday! My friends have been overwhelmed by rabbit surrenders so far this year and are discouraged by the fact that rabbit surrenders typically rise after Easter when those purchased for that holiday are no longer wanted by their families.

So instead of a real rabbit, how about purchasing a stuffed one!
Just go here for more information. I believe that the order must be placed by this Monday (April 6) to receive the rabbit in time for Easter.

Following are pictures of an online friend's foster bunnies:
Aren't they so adorable? When we were considering adopting a rabbit, we used this website as a great resource of information.

We ultimately decided that we need to wait a few years before making the commitment to adopt a rabbit. There are so many in rescues and shelters looking for the perfect home, just like parrots!


Meg said...

I always feel so awful for the rabbits after Easter, along with the ducklings and chicks. Rabbits are so sweet and loveable. My family loves rodents of all kinds, so I grew up with them. Unfortunately I am rather allergic to rodents, or I would certainly be considering adopting a rabbit as well! I think those stuffed rabbits are adorable, though, just the thing for someone like me!

As a side note on Easter "pets", there is a disturbing trend around here this year - lovebird chicks for Easter. Really. Multiple people asking and selling, and even several looking for breeder pairs (far more than usual). I have not really seen this trend before, but this year it is hard to miss it. Who's idea was it anyway?

Mary said...


That is so distressing about the lovebirds for Easter -- I hadn't heard that, but thanks for the info.

Ducklings and chicks -- I had almost forgotten about them as well. It's very sad.