Monday, April 13, 2009

Forbidden food

As I've mentioned in other posts, Thomas is going through a really stressful time at work right now due to the hours he has to work. On weekdays, it's 8 pm - 8 am and on weekends, it's 6 pm - 8 am. This is messing with his schedule and he's not happy about it.

To help cheer him up, I made double chocolate bars, which I've written about before, here. This recipe is so delicious, it's ruined me for all other brownies. I think that it's worth buying my favorite cookbook, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, solely for this recipe.

The parrots apparently agree. First, he had to shoo Max away:
Next, Rocky came in, hoping for a treat:Since parrots can't eat chocolate, Thomas did manage to save his brownies from them. Rocky spent about 30 seconds making fake eating sounds and looking longingly at the food, but was quickly placated with an almond.

Also, he was drinking soy milk out of the beer glass; I don't think beer would taste good with these bars!

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