Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another phone call

While we're still contemplating what to do about Steve -- though we're leaning against bringing him home -- we got phone call yesterday (from the rescue where we volunteer) about a different bird in need.

A baby caique was abandoned at a local vet because he has an incurable heart defect. This is in no way contagious, but will require a great diet, plentiful exercise, and daily medication. I am waiting to hear more details so I can do some research to see exactly what we'd be getting into.

While looking at this rationally, by making a pros vs. cons list, it is clear that we should not bring this caique home. As I've mentioned before, we're in a good spot, parrot-wise. Our current caiques are still a bit hormonal; what impact will bringing another caique into the same space have? Also, while baby parrots are adorable, Thomas and I much prefer the spice and spunk of parrots who've been around the block. If we were starting from scratch, with our current knowledge, we'd probably exclusively adopt 25+ year old blue and gold macaws.

But of course, rationality is not the only thing in play here. While I am very much a grey person and Thomas is a macaw person, caiques are kind of our compromise bird -- our common ground. And not "compromise" in any kind of negative or bad way, as we are both crazy about caiques.

When I call Thomas and begin a conversation, "The rescue called and would like us to think about fostering this bird..." Thomas usually just sighs and lists reasons why we shouldn't add anyone else. When I called him yesterday about this caique, his first response was "we have to bring him home." So I'm the one being cautious this time. Thomas already has names picked out.

The woman who runs the rescue knows how Thomas and I like to obsess over these kinds of decisions, so we have several days to make a decision. Thomas and I will be going on a 10 mile run this afternoon, during which we will discuss this topic and hopefully arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.


Meg said...

Good luck with the decision! There is so much to consider when adding another parrot. I almost always get stuck at the forever point..... while I love picturing myself as a little old lady with my ekkies (since they are the only ones that should live that long), I know I could never get as many long lived parrots as some people have- I worry about having that many when I am really old!

I don't suppose that really applies here, though, since caiques at their best are 40 some, right?

I totally understand your worry about upsetting the balance. Funny for me to say this as someone that fosters, but I worry with each foster, and carefully monitor my other birds to make sure they are not getting upset (once the other birds are out of quarantine, I mean). That is part of the reason I stay away from budgies and tiels now unless absolutely necessary; I know that only causes problems.

Meg said...

Oh yes, I forgot, was it the breeder or owner that abandoned him?

Mary said...

Meg, thanks for your comments. I'm planning to go to the rescue today to talk to her some more to see what information she has.

Not surprisingly, it was the breeder that abandoned the caique. However, the vet did not give the breeder any money for him.

I completely agree with you on worrying about what happens when we get old and trying to find homes for everyone if they outlive us.

Right now, it's only the greys that have a good possibility of outliving us, and this caique probably wouldn't either, especially because of his heart condition.

I'm hoping the rescue has another home in mind for him. I'll keep you updated and thanks again for sharing your experiences and thoughts!