Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lounging around with parrots

Saturday afternoon we decided to relax for a bit while watching the Olympics. When you have as many parrots as we do, relaxing is never as relaxing as it should be!

Things started out fairly well. Max was playing in her foraging bucket:Stella was preening herself on her cage:Daphne was (as always) playing nicely on her cage:Calypso was eating (sorry for the blurriness!):Beeps was playing on Rocky's cage. He loves to climb to the top of this toy hanger and then slide down. Sometimes he spins while he slides down; I'm trying to get a video of this!Then he started playing with the toys on top of Rocky's cage:Where was Rocky? Where else?:Doing some chipping while trying to fit in Thomas's pants:

Thomas kept alternating between the floor and the couch. While on the couch, he was reading a magazine when Stella flew over to join him:Rocky was not happy that she intruded on his person. Even though he had been peacefully playing by himself, he had to run over as soon as he spotted Stella on Thomas's feet. En route:He climbed up on the couch:

A small fight followed:

But Rocky quickly lost interest and headed towards Thomas and me. He is fake attacking Thomas while looking at me. However, these fake attacks can still be quite painful! Luckily Thomas has a pretty high pain tolerance so it doesn't bother him:

The afternoon ended up being a little more stressful than originally planned.

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