Thursday, February 25, 2010

More cookies

My boss recently won a giant tray of cookies in a raffle (sign me up for raffles like that!) Apparently this cookie tray was so large that he managed to stuff himself, his sons, and his sons' hockey teams with cookies, and still have some left over! Nice guy that he is, he brought a bag into work for Thomas and me.

I had set the cookies on the counter and then let the birds out of their cages. Max's cookie magnet was working, as she immediately flew over, excitedly saying, "want some!" and trying to get at them:After several unsuccessful attempts, she tried to get me to give her some by being adorable:
Which of course I did -- all of the parrots got a really small piece of cookie. When I told my boss how well they went over, he said he'd bring me some more tomorrow. I will have to hide these from the parrots!

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