Friday, February 5, 2010

The evening routine

I have been meaning to get this on video for a few months now, but wouldn't remember until it was too late. This isn't the best example, but it gets pretty close.

As soon as the greys knows that Thomas is coming home from work, they fly over near the door. Stella has already done that when this video starts; you can hear Max flying over to the top of the fridge in the background.

Then, Stella play attacks his shoes as Thomas greets them. Usually she'll follow the first shoe into the shoe pile, but she didn't do that here. (Don't worry, though it kind of looks like he's kicking her, he's not. They do this routine every day and he is very careful not to hurt her.)

Sometimes he'll taunt her a bit with his shoe:

I had stopped filming after this, but as he walks away to change into after-work clothes, she follows him, but she's like the ghosts in Super Mario Brothers. She creeps up behind him, but as soon as he turns his head to look at her, she stops walking and acts innocent. Then he turns his head away from her, and she hurriedly chases after him again. It is really funny to watch. We don't know what she'd do if she ever caught up to him; usually he'll go over to her, pick her up, and send her to a perch with a kiss.

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