Friday, February 19, 2010

Last night

I went to the rescue yesterday on my way home from work. I planned on just stopping by for 15 minutes to drop off some toys, pick up some toy parts, and say hello. I ended up staying almost 2 hours!

We have about eight greys at the facility right now. I was hanging out near them, and they were so funny. There's one in particular who looks so pitiful -- almost no feathers except for her head and some wings. She doesn't even have a tail! But she has a great personality. I was singing to her, and she started dancing, and then two of the other greys started dancing. Then she started making a purring sound, so I repeated it, and then several of the other greys did, too. I was almost in tears when I left because I want to give them all a home.

Steve is still there -- he's making a little bit of progress. I forgot my camera, or I'd post a picture of him. Maybe next week I'll remember. Then, there's this severe macaw who reminds me so much of Rocky that I had to spend time with him as well. I also heard several stories of what birds up there had been through that broke my heart, again.

When I left, I just wanted to get home and give my parrots head pets and kisses.

Luckily they were all in good moods and we had a great evening together.

Thomas had arrived home before me, so the mail was on the counter, being devoured by Max:
Then she started going after the noodles:
Stella had to fly over and see what was going on, displacing Max:Stella has this very odd habit of shaking her head so that her beak hits against glass objects. Maybe she likes the noise? Last night, she was doing this to our wine bottle:We put all of the parrots back on stands; of course, that didn't last long. Before I knew it, Max was over eating cheese:As soon as we removed her, someone else stepped in:Spending time at the rescue really makes me appreciate the birds I have. I am really lucky!


Pamela said...

Unprotected cheese!

Glad to hear Steve is doing well. The birds at the shelter are lucky to have you visiting.

belovedparrot said...

I wish you'd feed those birds once in awhile! It's obvious they're starving to death.

What a crew!