Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cookie Monsters

For the past several months, I have been on a quest to make the perfect oatmeal cookie. I feel like I'm getting close! Generally, the parrots get a tiny piece of cookie several times a week.

Yesterday, Thomas had the cookie container open while Rocky was on the counter. He thought that Rocky would take a bite out of a cookie. But Rocky had other ideas:As I approached him to take away the cookie, he took off, flying to Thomas who was in the hall. This was pretty exciting news -- he flew with volition -- and it made us laugh since he managed to land, cookie intact!

But Rocky was wrong if he thought escaping me for Thomas meant he'd get to eat the whole cookie. First, Thomas asked him nicely to surrender it:And when that didn't work, he had to resort to a more hands-on approach:After Thomas got the cookie away from him, he handed out tiny pieces to all of the parrots. The greys were not satisfied with that, and flew over to the counter to try their luck at getting a whole cookie from the purple container where we keep them:I think Max climbed on the coffee container to get a better angle on the cookies; Stella's attention quickly turned from cookies to irritating Max.

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