Monday, February 15, 2010

Stella and eggs

Not the kind she could lay, but the kind she could eat!

Thomas was making omelets over the weekend, when his stalker decided to get in on the action:
Earlier in the weekend, she insisted on having him hold a hard-boiled egg for her to eat:Everyone else grabs the food so they have control, but not her.

For the past few months, when I bend down to pick Stella up off of the ground, Max will say "Up!" a second before it comes out of my mouth. Since I think this is funny, I've been reinforcing her with attention and laughter, which means she's been doing it more frequently.

This past weekend, she started doing something new -- when Stella puts her beak on my fingers, Max says, "No biting!" I never say this to Stella -- she is very gentle and likes to preen my fingers. When she starts getting rough, I will say "gentle," but never "no biting!"

I think it's because Thomas was off on vacation last week, and therefore spending a lot of time at home. Since Beeps is very hormonal, Thomas was frequently saying "No biting" when he'd get rough while preening Thomas's fingers, and Max generalized that to say it when Stella put her beak on my fingers.

They are just so intelligent!

We spent much of Sunday at home, watching the Olympics. The parrots were really excited about this! They love having us around, and were out of their cages most of the day. In the early afternoon, I went upstairs to do yoga. Thomas was invited to join me, but decided to stay downstairs with the parrots.

When I came back down, he just kept saying "The greys are driving me crazy!" I think he's trying to dissuade me from taking Steve home as I didn't find the greys to be particularly irritating yesterday.

We still haven't made a decision. I'm planning to go to the rescue tomorrow to visit with him and check on his progress. I know that if I really pushed the issue, Thomas would acquiesce, but I want to make sure that he's totally on board before bringing anyone else home. Though I would try my best just to foster, I doubt that's a realistic ambition, so any decision will likely affect us for the majority of the rest of our lives. Thomas's main concerns center on how a male grey's presence would affect our two females, who are a bit hormonal right now. Since Stella used to mutilate, he also doesn't want Steve to trigger mutilation in her (I think this is unlikely and don't share this concern).

More Olympics tonight! We don't have cable, which means that normally our sports options are quite limited, and are usually just the mainstream football, baseball, basketball, and golf, with (very) occasional hockey, track and field, or something else. I absolutely love watching cross-country skiing and many of the other events. I am just amazed at the speed of these athletes!

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