Monday, February 8, 2010

Toys and ramblings

Over the weekend, I was assembling some toys for the parrots at the rescue. I had some loofahs (purchased from The Parrot Asylum) and asked Thomas if he'd cut them into slices for me. He did so like it was a loaf of bread instead of using a saw!Even though most of the slices will go into toys for the rescue birds, my guys all got one too:It was a toy-filled weekend!I have a few more toys to assemble tonight and hope to stop by the rescue later this week to drop off a box of toys for the parrots who are waiting to find their new home. I was up there last week, and came away a bit sad.

There are just so many birds looking for good homes! The blue crowned conure that I love is still there, as is a severe macaw whose personality is so similar to Rocky's that I worry about where he'll end up. I also met an parrot who was surrendered when his owner died -- after spending almost 50 years with her. What a shock for this poor guy. Almost 50 years of stability and then *poof* an entirely different world. How scary that must be.

As usual, I walked away wishing I could do more.

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