Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another breakfast post

On Saturday, the five larger parrots were with us in the kitchen while we ate breakfast. As usual, Thomas shared his breakfast with the parrots. After they were done eating, Rocky and Stella made their way over to the table:A problem often arises during breakfast because Calypso is an extraordinarily slow eater. He likes to savor his food; therefore it takes him much longer to finish. The other parrots quickly take a bite or two and then throw the food to the ground; Calypso eats the entire morsel.

Here he is with some grapefruit:The reason this becomes a problem is that the other parrots, more specifically Max, realize when they're done with their food that Calypso still has some. Max will often go over to Calypso and try to get him to give up his food. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Thomas restored order by placing Max on his lap until Calypso was done with breakfast:As usual, I had a CD going. As soon as this song came on, Rocky started dancing. If you listen closely, you can hear him clicking along with the music as well:

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