Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goodnight kisses

When it's time for bed, we put all of the non-grey parrots in their cages.  Then, Thomas says, "time for bed, ladies!" and a grey parrot steps up on each of his hands.  The trio comes to find me and each grey gets a goodnight kiss from me.  Then Thomas begins his grey night routine of alternating kisses:

When they've had enough, one of them (usually Stella) pulls his glasses down:


Brittney said...

I've got a lot of blogs on my RSS feed, but your blog is the one that I get excited about when I see it is updated. I like seeing what your flock is up too, and knowing that I'm not the only one who are head over heels for their feathered friends. Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs but the birds are my most talked about animals (Facebook is by far the best evidence of this).

P.S The word verification for my comment is "pestis." Wonder if they think I'm spreading the plauge.... :)

phonelady said...

boy my flock sure loves their night time routine too . It is so good to know someone else has a flock that has a night time routine.

D. Richard said...

Very cute I have two that will do that but none like to go back in the cage , They want to sleep with me .

On a side note try this , I got a box of wooden Qtips and gave the quaker (Charles Dickens ) one of them , fresh OC. He has been playing with it since last night and I have not seen him without it since . He slept with it in his foot . Yet he has not chipped it like I thought he would . It is nearly bare but intact . I watched , he is not eating the cotton , just picking it off.