Thursday, May 12, 2011

On alert

Thomas was removing Rocky's head feather sheaths last night.  Rocky loves this attention, as he can't reach those himself, but sometimes gets a bit bitey, so Thomas has to be sure to control his head.  In the wild, his warning of, "Hey, you're getting a little rough!" would be a beak full of feathers and his mate would adjust, but when your mate is a human and not a parrot, unintentional bloodshed can occur.  You can see little bits of severe macaw feather sheath on Thomas's pants:

While he was doing this, I was walking around the room, adjusting things in the lizards' and parrots' cages, when Thomas noted that Rocky was pivoting his head to make sure to keep me in his sights while enjoying Thomas's attention
I guess he has to know where his rival is at all times!

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phonelady said...

oh yes they do need to know where their rival is at all times .