Monday, May 9, 2011

Hungry greys

Over the weekend, I was making some ParrotNutz mash for the parrots.  Max did not want to wait for me to add hot water and steep it:

A little angry that the bowl where I make the food is empty:
Then she had to move on to the measuring cup:
Apparently I had no idea how hungry she was!  Of course, she delayed her dinner as I had to take pictures of her antics instead of making it, so she had only herself to blame.

And maybe Stella who had to fly over as soon as she saw me taking pictures:
And then both of them showing their displeasure over an empty bowl:
They were very happy when it was dinner time!


phonelady said...

wow that is awesome that they just break into the bag .

Beloved Parrot said...

Can you blame them? They act like they're starved to death, just barely hanging on -- but we know better!