Monday, May 2, 2011

Stella's adventures

After this weekend, I'm pretty sure that Stella has taken then title of Most Demanding Parrot from the former co-holders of that title: Max and Rocky.  She's been in to everything, causing trouble; explorer extraordinaire.  We can't leave her alone for a second, or she's found trouble.

Sunday, Thomas was blending together a fruit smoothie for us.  Stella flew to his shoulder and then climbed down his arm to get close to the noisy blender:
Earlier in the day, Thomas and I had run a really tough race.  We were completely exhausted and lounging on the couch, watching the NBA playoffs and hoping to be struck by a bolt of energy.  As usual, the greys kept flying in to the kitchen.  Max behaved perfectly, but Stella was another story.  Thomas and I ended up taking turns getting her out of the kitchen when we heard her getting into trouble.

This is what I found one time:
She's on the cabinet above the fridge (where she's not supposed to be), hanging from the top and scratching at the door, trying to gain a foothold.

Thomas found her inside the kitchen sink:
There were also plenty of times we forgot to take pictures.  We keep reminding ourselves of how she was when she first came to us, and how we should be happy with her confidence and antics.  Not as convincing when all you want to do is laze around and she prevents that!

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phonelady said...

Oh wow I thought I was the only one that had problem children for parrots . LOL...