Monday, May 30, 2011

Safe keeping

Thomas and I were making a decision last week between two brands of something we needed to purchase.  Each of us were worried that if we said our preference first, we would unduly influence the other.  I suggested that we write down our preference and then compare and discuss if we didn't agree.  We did this, but then he gave his choice to Max for safe keeping:
Luckily she relinquished it to me easily, and had only destroyed the edges, so Thomas's choice remained clear.  Even luckier, we agreed on what to buy, so no discussion was necessary.


phonelady said...

that is so nice to hear that you could come to an agreement before an argument glad max could help .

The Woman Running for President said...

What a risk you took, giving it to Max and her beak. Glad she was willing to give it up.