Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birding update

Over the weekend, we got out to do some birding.  There were so many American Redstarts out!  Here's a decent shot of a female (obviously we did not get a better camera yet):

It was really windy, and these gulls were basically hovering over the shore.  Occasionally someone would drop down and get a fish.  I probably should have made a movie of this -- very fun to watch!
This picture of a chestnut-sided warbler turned out better than expected; he was flitting all around so we didn't know what we got until we cropped the picture on the computer.  Action!

And, in an update from here, the robins have taken to the nest we moved!  They reinforced it with additional sticks, and she's been sitting on the nest.  This picture isn't the greatest as I didn't want to disturb her and have her leave her eggs, but you can see part of her (tail?) sticking up. She's been in there for a few days now.
I wish she was in our backyard instead of our front, due to it being more secure when the fledglings are learning to fly, but I'm hoping she knows what she's doing.  With any luck, I'll have baby robin updates to share in the upcoming weeks!

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phonelady said...

Oh my cant wait to see the baby robins . My friend had this one cardinal that used to make a nest in one of her shrubs she used to be so worried over it and then one day she noticed the eggs had hatched and moma and babys were gone . she usually comes back every year. I hope all turns out well for you too.