Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jumping to conclusions

Thomas and I had an all-day event yesterday that necessitated packing an overnight bag.  We did not stay overnight, but we needed a bag full of stuff for the day, that we packed Friday night.

The parrots, specifically Stella, Max, and Rocky, saw us packing a bag and assumed we were leaving on a trip.  They were very! unhappy! that we were leaving them.

Stella started running after us, attacking our feet.  She also always uses her beak to steady herself when she steps up.  Friday night, she applied way more pressure than was necessary (not enough to break the skin or even bruise, but it was uncomfortable) before stepping up -- just to let us know she was unhappy with what was going on.

Rocky started acting toward Thomas the way he acts toward me -- running after him and attacking his feet.

Max was extra needy, not letting us out of her sight, giving us extra kisses, flying to us unbidden, etc.

Though of course I do feel bad when we leave the parrots overnight (which we were not even doing this time!) Max is the only one who made me want to be around her more.  Note to Stella and Rocky: you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

We also had to leave the house by 4:30, which we usually only do when we have a plane to catch.  All signs pointed to us being away for a week.  They must have been so happy when we got back home in time for dinner.

I doubt they learned their lesson.


phonelady said...

oh that is too funny my birds throw a fit when I just go away for a couple of hours wow .

Suzic said...

Hey, showing their displeasure got you to come home "early", so it worked!! Tough situation!