Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The greys love the CSA

The greys love it when we go through our CSA box and prepare the different vegetables inside.  They are so curious!  Thomas was washing some greens, and Max flew over to the sink and perched on his hand to supervise.
 He managed to shake her, and she quickly turned her attention to radishes:
 Of course, as soon as Stella saw what Max was doing, she had to fly over and help herself:
 It's a good thing Thomas doesn't mind eating radishes with grey bites missing, so nothing went to waste.

Later, Stella flew to his shoulder, so he offered her some blossoms from the turnip greens, which she investigated.  These were also a huge hit with the lizards.
 He was collecting the washed greens in a bowl so he could cook them; once again, both greys had to fly over, eat a little, and then throw the greens around:
 As we were getting ready to eat, he had two salad bowls on the kitchen island.  This picture was not in any way set up -- they both flew over to a different bowl.  Of course Stella is more interested in the lettuce in Max's bowl, even though it's exactly the same stuff in hers.
 This will probably be a weekly feature throughout the summer as they are so entranced!

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phonelady said...

Oh I hate when they throw food around and in our case it is usually brocolli .