Thursday, May 26, 2011

Max wants to forage

I have a foraging toy on Max's stand.  It's been months since I've put anything in there for her to find, and she usually ignores this toy.  Something got into her recently, and she tried her best to forage.

This picture turned out fuzzy, but it was so cute I still had to post it:
She was swinging around; this really should have been a video!  Actually, I did make a video but it didn't transfer from the card to my computer.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize the problem until after I deleted the files from the memory card. 

I was making the toy swing around, which she loved.  It was great fun!  I'll see if she wants to do this again when I have my older camera (still not a fan of the new one as it apparently loses my videos -- this isn't the first time this has happened.)