Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brian close-ups

More Brian close-ups.  He's been even more adorable than usual lately; wanting to be with me as much as possible.  In these pictures, he's perched on my arm (I'm wearing a very red shirt.)
This morning, I was reading the paper, and he was running around the table.  He ran over to stand right in front of me, but I didn't acknowledge him quickly enough, so he started jumping/flying around in front of me to get my attention.
He knows that when we bring food into the living room, he's coming out of his cage to sit on my shoulder while we eat dinner.  Sometimes I don't get him as quickly as he thinks I should, which results in LOUD BUDGIE CHIRPS so I don't forget him.  As if I could.


D. Richard said...

He is just to cute ;

Hows his health doing , Has he been checked lately?
I am waiting to here that the tumor is going away.

phonelady said...

Oh yes my quakes are the same way as if I could ignore them , LOL !!!

Beloved Parrot said...

I just love reading about and seeing Brian. The love he provides is about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.50 times his physical size!