Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend birding

Thomas and I attended a birding festival over the weekend, which included a guided hike with experts.  This was fantastic as we are relatively new to birding.  We learned some identification tips and were just in awe of the knowledge/experience of the group leaders.  As we were walking, our guide would stop and say something like, "I heard a Cerulean Warbler in those trees" so everyone would look and sure enough, a Cerulean Warbler would appear.  How can people know so many bird calls?

We didn't take any good pictures of the birds, but here are a couple from the surroundings:
This made us laugh -- some geese were not heeding the "no hiking beyond this point" sign:
A mallard pair were in our backyard; hopefully they will not attempt to build a nest as they would have a treacherous walk to water with their young:

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phonelady said...

oh wow it does my heart good to see wildlife being appreciated . I just saw a show on tv called the blonde and the bears and some of these idiot ppl who live in the woods dont want the wildlife there, well guess what the wildlife was there first .