Monday, October 31, 2011

Bath time!

Since the floor was getting washed, we decided it would be a good time for the parrots to get clean as well!  Max loves getting sprayed, though she dries quickly with a shake and rarely looks as wet as the other birds:
Like Calypso.  He had to go and bath a little more in his water dish after I'd sprayed him, even though I'd completely drenched him:
Basil also joined in on the fun:
The rest of the parrots were uninterested, so we didn't force the issue.

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Michelle said...

Funny how some like getting wet and some don't. In my house, Timothy wants showers and asks for it by saying, "shower!" Zeek likes baths and scolds Timothy when he asks for a shower. And little Gabriel doesn't like getting wet in any way, shape, or form!

I love the pictures of your soaked babies. So precious!