Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The potato eaters

Nope, not the Van Gogh masterpiece, but a little bit of weirdness from the greys.  Earlier this week, I had set some vegetables out on the counter so I could chop them up and throw into the slow cooker.

As soon as I left them unattended for a minute, the greys flew over to the counter and started creating havoc.  That's what they do best, after all.

Parrots do not eat raw potatoes, so I thought, if anything, they'd go after the carrots.  But I was wrong.
Of course, they are not eating any of the raw potato, just destroying it.  Max had been doing more destroying when I first came upon them, but when I came closer to make this movie, she stopped and came over to me, hoping I'd pick her up.

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Anonymous said...

Potatoes are dirt cheap, I have started feeding them to all of my birds. I am now saving a ton of money not buying seeds and pellets. Thanks for the great idea.