Friday, October 21, 2011

Rocky greets me

Earlier this week, Thomas was working late, so I was home alone with the parrots. They'd already eaten dinner, as evidenced by the pieces of vegetable stuck to Rocky's beak. I was in the kitchen with a bunch of the parrots, but Rocky stayed in the living room.

I heard him saying "Hello" for a few minutes when I decided to grab my camera and make a video.
Normally we say "hello" back and forth; not sure if he was showing off for the camera or just hoping that by repeating the greeting, Thomas would arrive.  In any case, I find his behavior once I say "hello" to him quite funny -- he turns his back on me and then says bye bye!

It's hard to hear him, but at the end is another thing we frequently do together -- we repeat "gimme a kiss" and then make kiss sounds.  However, he almost whispers when he says this, so my voice is overpowering.  You can see his beak move and you can hear his kisses (which always start out more like clicks -- the video was getting quite long so I stopped before he started sounding a bit more like kisses.)

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D. Richard said...

question , Did you ever see The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Trailer
If so , what are your thoughts