Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rocky and boxes

I was a few seconds too late to get the picture I wanted. I had given Rocky a box yesterday morning. The first thing he did was chew an entrance hole so he could easily go inside. When I first saw him, he was completely inside the box. I'd called his name and he stuck his head up through the far right side top. Adorable!
By the time I got the camera, he was leaving the box in order to threaten me by banging his toys against the side of his cage:


Margaret & Parrots said...

How cute!
They are so fast sometimes, that even if you keep camera with you, it's to late for "perfect shot":)

Anonymous said...

Our severa macaw, Max, always must have his box (he sleeps in it.) When he gets a new one he gets right to work gnawing an entrance and exit. Then, if he's not exhausted he'll chew one green pea-size hole.

In a strategic viewing location.
It's somewhat disconcerting seeing a single eye following your every move.
"The Eye of The Max" knows all!
Max E. Byrd