Friday, October 21, 2011

Max wants to step up

I guess I was in a video-taking mood earlier this week.  I thought I'd post this since I usually show Max getting into trouble, when that's only a small portion of her personality!
She does say "hello" after I greet her -- it's just hard to hear since Rocky's throwing a fit about something in the background.  It's also hard to hear her kisses, but she makes the sound the second time I ask her.  The first time, she did one of her contact calls -- she whistles the first part and I respond.  Sometimes I whistle the first part and she responds.  Or I whistle the first part and then she whistles the first part (again!) and I respond.

As you can see, she really wanted to step up!


Anonymous said...

Aww, that is just so sweet. I also have a boy of 18mnths now and he does exactly the same thing whenever I come close enough to him. He also says, UP as he holds out his foot to me. They are such a pleasure to have and im constantly laughing at my boys tricks.

Kathy A said...

Cue the Twilight Zone music -- that routine (the call/response wolf whistle, gimme a kiss/kissing sounds) is exactly what my Timneh and I do every day. Pepper takes it one step farther, though -- she'll say "Let's go," and I finish with "Yankees." Alternatively, she'll say "Derek," and I finish with "Jeter." Her newest phrase is "Let's watch the Yankees," (which she came up with herself), so, obliging mama that I am, I'll put in a DVD of a game for her.