Monday, October 3, 2011

Grey doings

Yesterday, the greys were at it again.  They just love to egg each other on.  Max was on the counter, so Stella had to fly to the counter.  Then, Max noticed one of Stella's favorite things -- the neti pot.  Stella likes to fling this to the ground, then fly after it and attack it a bit.

I'm sure Max would have shown no interest in the neti pot, but she knew it would bother Stella, so she went straight there.  This had its intended effect, as Stella ran over:
Claiming victory, after Max vacated the area.  Note that Stella didn't want to play with it, she just wanted to make sure Max couldn't.
This morning, Max was obsessed with the garbage -- despite repeated removals, she kept flying right back there.  She couldn't even forage in the garbage since I'd taken it out yesterday, so nothing was in her reach.  She was therefore stuck chewing on the outside bag.  Just to be clear, she is not allowed to play in/near the garbage, but she had a one-track mind this morning.
Apparently, this proved endlessly fascinating to Stella.  Perhaps surprisingly, once Max was removed, Stella did not fly there herself.

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phonelady said...

do greys just naturally get into everything ? sure sounds like they do from your gang .