Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clown loach disappearing act

We have a very sneaky clown loach in our aquarium. She manages to completely disappear for hours at a time! We don't have that many hiding spaces, so I have no idea where she is. After several days of not being able to find her, I thought perhaps she'd died and been eaten by the other occupants of the tank, but yesterday when I got home from work, she was out and begging for food along with the other two:
This is reminiscent of our pleco, who would disappear for months at a time.  Ultimately, I was able to discover her hiding place.  Unfortunately, she died in August while we were on vacation.  It was a shock as we should have had her for many years yet.  We have not replaced her, opting for more frequent tank cleanings.

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D. Richard said...

I am a amateur on bird keeping and novice on salt water tanks but an expert on freshwater tanks . Loaches will hide in the under gravel filter. They can swim down the uplift tube