Monday, October 10, 2011

A bit of Rocky

Rocky, who screams when he's locked inside his own cage, again willingly went into someone else's cage to play with toys:
He then came out and started throwing all of the foot toys and toy parts out of Calypso's foraging bucket:
He's gone back to doing one of my favorite things: hanging out underneath his cage.  This is nesting behavior.  This year, in a twist, he knocked a phone book off of the top of his cage and dragged it under so he can shred it.

Last night, Thomas was trying to get Rocky to come out as it was time to go to bed, but Rocky stayed under the cage, singing and talking.  We think he was trying to entice Thomas into his nest, but as it's barely big enough for a severe macaw to enter, a human certainly wouldn't fit.

Thomas was prone on the floor, asking Rocky to come out.  Of course, when I came over to take a picture, Rocky emerged to threaten me:
After he was in his cage, we had more sweeping to do.

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phonelady said...

Aww yes the endless sweeping so know that feeling . It is a vicious cycle .