Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pay attention to me!

Ran a marathon over the weekend, which meant that the afternoon was spent relaxing and eating.  Thomas was in the living room watching football.  I had been there as well, but then decided to go into the kitchen to listen to playoff baseball and catch up on the paper.

Of course, Max had to follow me in.  I think she was a little miffed that I wasn't paying attention to her, as she started doing cute things to make me notice her:

Then, she flew to the table, found a receipt, and started shredding it:
She wasn't interested in this pecan when I'd offered it to her a few days earlier, but when she found it on Brian's cage, then it was interesting:
I brought Calypso from his cage (which is still in the kitchen) to the table so he could roam around.  He decided to perch on my glass:
And then beg for me to pick him up:
So, not much roaming.  Mostly trying to figure out how to get me to pick him up.

Rocky was torn -- stay behind with his preferred person, or keep an eye on his nemesis (me)?  Several times, I caught him on the threshold of the hallway, trying to peek in on me.  You'd think he just would have enjoyed some alone time with Thomas.
More paper shredding from Max:
The afternoon turned out not to be as relaxing as I'd hoped.

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phonelady said...

Why is it that they find things on other birds cages that are more interesting to them ? when offered their own no attention .