Monday, October 31, 2011

In the kitchen

I think one of the reasons Calypso loves being moved to the kitchen is he gets many more treats than he did in the living room.  Just because he sees us with food, and since he's right there, we acquiesce.  Here he is, eating some celery that he probably wouldn't have gotten if he were still in the living room:
Thomas was washing the living room floor, so he moved all of the parrots' cages out his way.  This meant that Basil got to spend the afternoon in the kitchen.  He really enjoyed it there as well.  We'll definitely have to get an open concept floor plan in our next house!  Basil, with celery:
Max had flown into the kitchen, as usual.  I was making cookies, and from the start, she started dancing and saying "want some!"  She would not be deterred, even when all I had was flour in the bowl.  Yes, here is Max, eating flour!  What is wrong with her?  Who eats just flour?
Of course I removed her as soon as I took this picture.

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