Monday, October 10, 2011

Kitchen birds

Calypso may have permanently become a kitchen bird.  We moved him in a month or so ago because his hormones were out of control.  We thought perhaps a change of scenery and removal from the presence of Beeps and Basil (the two parrots he'd try to attack) would do him some good -- and it did!

We tried bringing him back in the living room over the weekend.  Within minutes, he tried to attack Beeps; thwarted, he turned his attention to Basil (thwarted again.)  Needless to say, he immediately went back into the kitchen!

I think he likes getting more one-on-one attention in the kitchen, especially in the morning before we get the other birds up.  He's even starting to bond with Thomas a bit more, which has been great to see.  This could have something to do with receiving a near-daily piece of toast from him:
Brian continues to get his toast in the following way:
He mostly just rips tiny pieces of toast off (you can see the crumbs on the plate under his beak) rather than eat much.  It's a giant toast toy.

In other Brian news, he talks a lot when he's on my shoulder, but much of it is unintelligible budgie chatter.  So, it may go like this: "chatter chatter chatter gotta go chatter chatter shot and a beer chatter."  Or, "chatter get me a beer *whistle whistle whistle* chatter chatter do ya wanna."  With me understanding less than half of the words he says (and with much of what he says tantalizingly incomplete -- where do you gotta go?  Do I wanna what?)  This weekend, for the first time, included in that chatter, he said his name, but with a bit of an impediment -- he said "Bwian."  Can he get any cuter?  (I am trying to get this on video, but he really only talks when he's on our shoulders, and when he sees the camera, he quiets down and gazes into the lens.)  Maybe someday I will be successful!

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phonelady said...

Oh how cute you have a budgie with a speech impediment and I have a quaker with one that says his name as Awex instead of Alex.