Friday, January 30, 2009

Another nut story

Since we switched the storage location of our almonds in the shell to a place where the parrots can get to them, they've been eating more of them; hence the increase in nut stories!

Earlier this week, Rocky had climbed onto the table and helped himself to a nut. Seeing this, Max flew over to the table, started dancing antsily, repeatedly exclaiming, "want some!" Whether she was telling this to Rocky, the humans who were on the other side of the room, or just herself is unknown.

Thomas gave her an almond, but after she tried unsuccessfully for a few seconds to crack the nut, she dropped it and started leaning towards the nuts saying, "want some!" some more. I really think she could crack through an almond if she'd try (Beeps can and he's smaller!) but we always acquiesce. Thomas tried to pre-crack the almond, but couldn't do it. He was sitting at the table by this point and didn't want to get back up to find a nut cracker.

So he used a living nut cracker:Rocky was just hanging out on the table, so Thomas gave him the nut, told him to crack it, and then took it away from Rocky once he'd done the hard work. Rocky was not exactly pleased with this turn of events, but ended up consoling himself by getting another nut.

Max went on to happily crack open the almond and eat it, once it had been started.Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thomas and I are volunteering at the parrot shelter, so I may have some stories to share from there next week.

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