Monday, April 12, 2010

Backyard (and frontyard) suburban wildlife

My wildlife sightings are nowhere near as interesting as Shannon's, but they still make me happy. Especially the squirrels. I love watching those guys! They seem to be enjoying life.

Though it's not very clear in the photograph, this guy is a bit lighter than the rest of the squirrels. Hopefully he'll stick around this summer since he's the only one I can tell apart!This is a different, fatter, one:
I looked out my patio yesterday and there were dozens of birds in the tree! I'm not quite sure what kind they were; I really need to buy a good bird identification book.
And, a surprise sighting of ducks. I was backing out of my driveway when I noticed a slight movement in the street:Luckily there was no traffic on my street, and I had my camera with me, so I could take a picture. My neighbors have this hose coming out of their house that emits hundreds of gallons of water into the street every day. It is just mind-boggling. It creates a huge ice pond in front of my driveway every winter. I do not understand how so much water can get pumped out of one house! I'm hoping these guys were just stopping over and not planning on nesting since it will be tricky for them to get their babies to water. Still, it was a nice start to my morning since I love ducks!


Anonymous said...


Around this time of year blackbirds, especially Red-Winged Blackbirds start showing up everywhere. They could also be European Starlings. Also, some places get Grackles. Grackles are best distinguished by their yellow eyes.

Elizabeth said...

That was me. Blogger does not want me identified. :-)

Mary said...

Elizabeth, thanks! They definitely were not red winged blackbirds. Thomas thought maybe starlings. Do grackles go up in trees like that? They must; I've only ever seen them foraging in my yard (we do have a lot of grackles at times). I bet they were grackles!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, Grackles like to hang out in trees, especially in groups.

We get starlings in the yard a lot here. Today was so idyllic because after a rain, I saw starlings and a robin foraging in the grass. Cute!