Thursday, April 8, 2010

Caique drama

Yesterday, I had the caiques out as I was cooking dinner. They were making aggressive postures towards each other, which I was attempting to capture. Here you can see they are on separate stands, but neither is calm!
Close-ups. Here's Calypso, in a begging pose. What does he want? To attack Beeps!And here's Beeps. His feathers are slightly raised, including his wings from his body, he's standing with his feet apart, and his eyes are starting to flash red. In other words, watch out!A few seconds later, I was taking another picture of posturing, but got a picture of a fight instead:No one was injured, and of course I separated them in less than a second. I would not have stood around taking pictures of a fight -- this happened instantaneously -- they were about a foot away from each other when I started taking the picture.

By the way, that's Beeps on top. I suspect he was the aggressor, but with all of the body language flashing back and forth, it's entirely possible Calypso egged him on in silent caique-speak. No one is innocent in this melee!

Surprisingly, after this interaction, we still had a calm evening.


5150 said...

hahahahahaha! Looks like Calypso overshot the target a bit.

Great body language---"C'mon, come onnnnnn---cross that line and you'll get what's coming to you!"

Too funny; thanks.

Mary said...

You know, I was so excited to get my second caique because I heard what great companions 2 caiques were to each other. Mine didn't get that memo :)

They're either ignoring each other or fighting. I keep thinking perhaps they will mellow with age...