Monday, April 5, 2010

Famous friends

How excited was I yesterday as, while reading the paper, I came across a glowing review for Wendy's latest book?I told Thomas, "I kind of know her!" He thought I was making this up, but no. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Wendy in person, but we've exchanged blog comments and e-mails. And I've knitted hats from a pattern in her first book.

My knitting is so rudimentary (scarves and hats only, even 3+ years later!) I wasn't planning on getting this book yet, but I think I will, if only to serve as inspiration for me to branch out a bit.


brenda said...

Oh, I love Wendy's patterns. I knit socks almost exclusively...toe up, top down and have even knit one pair starting at the heel. Pattern is "Hat Heel" on
I sure miss my loud and nippy yellow naped amazon parrot. I had to find him a new home when we moved into an apartment. I know he is happy there, though.

Mary said...


I hope to get up to the level of Wendy's more intricate patterns; I've just been so lazy with my hats and mittens :)

Sorry you had to rehome your amazon :( It sure helps when you know they're in a good place. Do you keep in contact with his new owners? I only keep in contact with Beeps's old owners, but they enjoy hearing about him!