Friday, April 9, 2010

Grey starvation

Last night, I got home after Thomas, since I was up at the rescue. I always end up leaving much later than planned! The birds seem to know when I'm trying to leave and start doing super cute things that I want to reinforce -- which doesn't happen when I put them back in their cages!

As always, I was very happy to return to my own flock. Thomas was cooking dinner, and had several slices of cheese out to snack on while dinner cooked. And I know some of you made the instant connection. Unattended cheese? That must mean a Max photo. Yes, Max's cheese magnet was once again in effect:She was not happy about it, but Thomas got the cheese away from her right after taking the picture.

He'd also cooked up a vegetable and orzo dish for the parrots. As it was cooling, the greys decided to help themselves to some early:I suspect Max was just eating the corn kernels:
After Thomas took Max in the kitchen, Stella hopped up to take her place:I really think that so much of Stella's quick transformation from scared, mutilating grey to happy, confident grey is due to her watching and imitating Max. She is such a sponge when it comes to grey behavior!

I absolutely cannot believe that another week has passed. Where does the time go? We have so many things planned for this weekend -- farmers' market, brewing, running, finishing I, Claudius, watching Ne le dis a personne, hiking, yoga, etc. -- that I know these next few days will fly by as well. Hope everyone reading this has a great weekend as well!


Pamela said...


Best in Flock parrot blog said...

I so love this blog. You have a way of really showing what day-to-day life with parrots is like. Without romanticizing/glamorizing it, you make it all (the good and the bad) hilariously entertaining.

Pamela said...

By the way, can you give the details of the vegetables and orzo dish? And how concerned do you get over the fact that Max was probably only eating the corn?

Mary said...

Pamela, I posted the recipe in today's entry, but basically there is no exact recipe. Thomas threw a bag of frozen mixed veggies, a cup of orzo, water, and a bit of olive oil in a pot and let it cook until it was the consistency he wanted.

Did not look appealing! But the parrots enjoyed it.

As to the corn, I would prefer to eat a wider variety of food, but her pellets provide most of her nutrition. Her blood work is always good, so I don't worry! Though I do try to limit the cheese (not always successfully).

Best in Flock -- thanks for the nice compliment! I really like being able to look back over the months and see how our relationships with the birds have evolved over time. Maybe I'll win Rocky over yet!