Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring hormones still going strong

Rocky continues to seek out dark, enclosed spaces to hang out. Sadly, he's not been doing so under his cage, which is one of the cutest things ever, in my opinion. Instead, he's been hanging out under, and on the bottom shelf of, the parrots' food cart. He also covers himself up with newspapers and towels and walks around the house.

He has a bit more clearance on the food cart (than under his cage), which allows him to bring towels in there, for even more nesting fun.He's also discovered my bag of extra balls, which bring him much pleasure. He loves these balls, and they are not always easy to find, so when I find some, I stock up. I bought over 100 last time, which should last us a while.

He usually treats these balls so gently; we call them his babies. He will sometimes sing to them, talk in his mumbled macaw way, gently carry them around the living room, move them around his cage, etc. I think he was a bit frustrated here that he couldn't get to the balls, since they were in a plastic bag, but then he went off to find loose balls, which are easy to find, and he was happy again.
Later on, he was constantly looking outside, even though Thomas was in the kitchen. This makes me a bit nervous, as I don't want him to take a chunk out of our new patio door! As soon as I'd remove him, he'd go back. Thomas was finally able to distract him, though I no longer remember how.
Switching birds, but still on the topic of hormones, Calypso has completely calmed down, but that's not the case with Beeps. He's been trying to attack Thomas on an almost daily basis. Thus far, Thomas has been able to avoid the attacks -- Beeps is a loud flyer. He is being extra solicitous of me, however. We are being careful so as not to reinforce this -- we don't want him to turn into a one-person bird; however, he is so adorable (with me) right now that it can be hard to not give in to him and give him all of the attention he wants!


Pamela said...

He walks around the house with towels ON? Or just with towels? Because if it's the former, I HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS!

Mary said...

He burrows under towels and then walks around the house. It kind of looks like what small, multi-colored ghosts might look like in cartoons. I am trying to get this on video! But, he seems to sense when I have the camera and then stops doing it.

Same with the newspaper. He is very strange.